Jobs in Fort Myers FL: 2024 Economic Guide & Work Opportunities

Fort Myers Economy Guide

The city of Fort Myers is the largest in Lee County and serves as the focal point of the region. Situated roughly two hours from Tampa and Miami, Fort Myers sits right on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. With the nickname "City of Palms," it has a total population of just over 86,000. However, the metro area has more than 771,000 residents.

With its world-famous beaches and fishing excursions, it is also an excellent place for waterfront homes and condos. However, before relocating to the community, it is always best to get a good picture of the economy. Read on to learn more about the Fort Myers economy.

Top Employers in Fort Myers

Largest Employers in Fort Myers, FLBefore relocating, those moving to Fort Myers should research the community's largest employers. Whether looking for entrepreneurial opportunities or jobs, the biggest companies in the area set the economic tone. Fort Myers might be a great town for beaches, fishing, and other fun things to do, but companies related to tourism are not the only employment options. The city has a variety of positions and career choices at all ends of the financial scale.

Chico's, one of the largest women's clothing chains in the United States, is headquartered in Fort Myers. The company has experienced revenues of about $2.1 billion and has around 18,500 employees. Fox Electronics is another successful company in Fort Myers, with approximately 3,000 employees and around $42 million in annual revenue. FireMaster is another company that employs about 1,500 people offering fire protection services.

Those who prefer to work for public and nonprofit organizations also have many options. With more than 15,000 employees, Lee Health is the largest healthcare provider in the community. Founded in 1916, the company is a nonprofit with multiple locations. Educators may want to check into the School District of Lee County, which provides instruction to 90,000 K-12 students with just over 5,000 employees.

With a specialty in cancer testing, Neogenomics is a health care laboratory with 1,500 staff. With annual revenues over $400 million, the Fort Myers headquarters provides administrative services to satellite offices around the country. The Lee County Sheriff's Office has about 770 employees and an annual budget of about $66 million.

Additional Large Companies in Fort Myers

  • Master Protection Holdings
  • Doctors Osteopathic Medical Center
  • The News-Press
  • StatesideBPO
  • TrainingWheel

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Fort Myers Economy Facts & Figures

Fed in part by the combination of fantastic sunny weather and population growth, Fort Myers has a strong economy. Residents in a variety of fields can find great opportunities around the city. As great news for new residents, job growth over the next decade is estimated to reach 44%. The U.S. equivalent will top out at 33.5%.

The average income within the city is $23,000, a bit lower than the national average of $29,000. Similarly, the median household income within the area is $37,000, less than the U.S. average of $53,000. Because Florida has no income tax rate, new residents may still see more on payday. Even better, the sales tax rate for the community is only 6%, lower than the U.S. average of 7.3%.

Another factor to consider in terms of the local economy is the cost of living in the city. Using an index that sets the U.S. average at 100, the cost of living in Fort Myers is 96.2. That means new residents may notice up to 3.8% in savings versus the costs of the average U.S. community.

While utilities, miscellaneous, and grocery expenses are all reasonably close to average, transportation costs are about 11.5% more affordable. Combined with the lack of income tax, lower average prices will spell good news for relocators.

The unemployment rate in Fort Myers is around 5.3%, lower than the U.S. average of 6%.

Fort Myers Industries

Like major employers, the most popular industries in Fort Myers can also impact the community. By a ratio of workers, healthcare employs the most significant number within the community. At 14.9%, the field is one of only three industries with double-digit employment percentages. The second-largest number of workers earn a living in retail at 14.8%. As expected for an area near the beach, another 11.3% of people have jobs in hospitality.

Coming in at fourth, 9.2% of workers earn a living in the construction trade. No doubt, this number will remain strong due to the population growth in the community and the new construction homes in Fort Myers. Rounding out the top five, 7.9% of people are involved in the education sector.

Another thing to consider about jobs in Fort Myers is that many of them are seasonal or part-time, often true about vacation areas because the population changes with the season. Just under 50% of workers in the information, agriculture, and hospitality sectors are less than full-time employees. By contrast, only about 29.1% of healthcare workers work part-time. Around 34.1% of staff across industries work less than full-time.

The median income is another determining characteristic of the various industries. Staff earning paychecks within the utility sectors usually make the most at approximately $75,000 each year. Professional, scientific, and technical services come in second at about $60,000. Most government workers bring home just over $51,000 annually.

Top Industries in Fort Myers

  • Retail Trade
  • Health Care & Social Assistance
  • Construction
  • Accommodation & Food Services
  • Administrative & Support & Waste Management Services
  • Educational Services
  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services

Call Fort Myers Home

Fort Myers is a welcoming community with a solid economic background. There is a reason the population grew by such substantial numbers in the last decade. Potential new residents would be wise to closely look at the jobs and industry landscape to predict the potential lifestyle. Generally speaking, the more research completed before the move, the more accurate the final choice. Given the beautiful sunny weather and sandy beaches, Fort Myers is a great place to live.

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