Beach House Necessities: 8 Purchases for Waterfront Fun

Essential Beach House Purchases

Those who dream of living in a waterfront home on the beach will find plenty of options in today's real estate market. These properties are widely in demand and are in neighborhoods offering incredible waterfront views. Homebuyers seek to experience the luxury of housing themselves in a vacation-like setting every day of the year. To complement all the perks of having water steps away, buyers and owners will want to consider these beach house essentials.

Beach House Furniture for Lounging on the Porch

When the view is so excellent, a patio or porch is almost a requirement. Comfortable outdoor furniture and accessories are beach house must-haves to enhance the time spent enjoying the views, watching the birds, or relaxing before or after a long day. Comfortable padded chairs, loungers, or rockers with armrests and cupholders are essential additions. If room permits, a few nesting side tables to hold drinks and snacks are helpful. Many opt to hang a porch swing or a weatherproof hammock that allows for naps, reading, or soaking in the sound of the waves.

When you're choosing beach house chairs, here are some qualities to keep in mind:

  • It's so comfy you could spend hours sitting in it
  • It's easy to get sand out of
  • It's made of weather-resistant material, particularly salty breezes
  • It's heavy enough to stay put when it's windy outside

Get Geared Up for Days on the Beach

If there's a sandy beach fronting your shore house, it's only natural to want to take advantage of all-day beach days. Be ready to soak in the sun and have fun with a few key beach essentials. Basic staples include:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Cooler of water and snacks
  • Beach towels
  • Shade umbrellas
  • Plastic buckets
  • Water- and sand-proof tote bag

A small screen shelter or open-air tent can keep excess sun exposure at bay and help beachgoers stay cool on steamy days. Invest in a fold-up table and chair set for lounging, and make sure to have a solar-powered charger to keep phones and music devices going for full-day excursions.

You'll also want to make sure you have somewhere to store your beach accessories. A designated closet space, an outdoor shed, or a tucked-away spot near the door will help make sure your beach gear doesn't overrun the house.

An Outdoor Shower or Foot Wash Station For After Your Beach Day

After a long day at the beach, it can be tempting to track sand all through the house. To avoid this, invest in an outdoor shower or set up a foot wash station near the door. This makes it easy to rinse off before coming inside, and you won't have to worry about sandy footprints all over your floors. Another benefit of having an outdoor shower setup is that it makes it easy to rinse off inflatables, plastic chairs, and other items.

Even if you don't want to install a full outdoor shower, you should definitely consider setting up a foot shower. Whether it's a dedicated product or a hose with a slatted mat for drainage, you'll thank yourself when you don't have to try vacuuming sand out of the carpet.

Inflatables for Sporting on the Water

You don't need to own a boat to float the day away in the water. Specialty rafts and inner tubes are affordable and popular beach essentials. However, there are many great inflatables out there, not just the iconic lounge chairs and donuts.

Have a group? Check out all the floating game tables that can boast amenities like cup holders, net 'seats,' and onboard storage. Most of these tables can also serve double duty as floating mats, as they can typically hold the weight of an adult.

Tougher inflatables allow for incredibly fun boating activities as passengers get pulled along behind the boat.

A floating cooler is also an excellent addition for conveniently storing cold drinks or snacks during long days on the water.

Fire Pits Establish a Wonderful Waterfront Property Presence

Nighttime brings about another side of nature. Therefore, having a fire pit to bring everyone together is ideal when sitting under the stars. Not only can firepits supply light and warmth and serve as an entertaining area, but beachside bonfires can be used to make fireside treats and simple eats.

While many models in stores range from ornate metals to basic cast iron bowls, some of the most inspiring tend to be custom DIY fire pit projects that can be completed in less than a day. Metal models can last quite a while with proper care, and brick fire pits can last for decades.

Outdoor Lighting Makes Waterfront Property Sparkle

Landscape lighting can be a beautiful way to illuminate the property along the shoreline of any waterfront home. These installations make nighttime strolls or getting to the fire pit by the water easy while boosting safety and security. Solar-powered, fuel-fired, and outdoor LED lights along pathways or in pots or plants can illuminate dark pathways to ease navigation to docks, boathouses, and throughout the property.

Acquire Fishing Gear to Reel Them In for Fun & Recreation

Fishing is an Easy Hobby When You're on the WaterfrontWhether your beach home fronts a lake, river, bay, or ocean, fishing is likely an excellent hobby to pursue. However, the type and size of fish in the water will differ and you may need different gear to reel in photo-worthy catches. Generally, the essential equipment for anglers includes:

  • Waterproof tackle box
  • Live or artificial bait
  • Fishing weights and sinkers
  • A variety of hooks and sizes
  • Extra fishing line
  • Floaters
  • Bucket or line for catches

Be aware of any local and national fishing regulations in the body of water and check for permitting requirements before dropping a line.

Learn the Basic Boating Regulations on the Body of Water

Who doesn't love the idea of motoring across the waves or sailing into the sunset? Maybe you want your very own deep-sea fishing boat. Jet skis might be calling your name. Perhaps parasailing is the perfect hobby to complete your beach lifestyle.

If you're buying a boat, be sure to shop around when looking at local marinas and boat slips to keep it. You might also consider getting a contractor to put in a dock or boat house if the local waterfront property regulations allow. Understanding these requirements are part of the essential questions to ask when buying a waterfront property.

It's also a good idea to learn the local boating etiquette. Are there no-wake zones near residential areas? Are there areas where motorized watercraft isn't allowed for ecological reasons? What's the policy for boaters pulling up to a waterfront restaurant? Being polite and asking questions is also a good way to make friends in your new boating community.

Make the Most Out of Your Beach Property

Homes along the waterfront offer easy access to many opportunities for leisure and recreation. Having your beach house essentials ready to go so you can hit the shore is essential for waterfront property owners seeking to connect with the great outdoors. These properties typically go for a premium price, so why not make the most of having a stunning expanse of sand steps away from home with these beach house must-haves?

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