5 Tips for Meeting the Neighbors

How to Meet Your Neighbors

Moving is already a tense time and the added stress of meeting the neighbors does not make it any easier. But one of the best ways to make your home truly feel like your roots are planted is to meet your new neighbors, make new friends, and become a part of your community. Here are some quick tips to approach your new community and be the new favorite neighbor!

1. Host a Come-and-Go

If you already threw a housewarming party for your friends and family, then your house is broken in for visitors! If you feel uneasy hosting several people you don’t know, a simple barbeque where your neighbors can stop in, sit, grab a bite, and introduce themselves is a great, laidback way to get the engagement going and meet new friends.

2. Play the Name Game

The fastest way to start a connection with someone is calling them by name. If they are going to stay awhile at your come-and-go, have them wear a nametag. Be purposeful in always saying their name aloud when you talk to them. Making a point to remember people’s names shows that you care and your new neighbors will appreciate the effort.

3. Be Intentional

Making conversation with strangers can be awkward since you don’t know what to talk about. Follow the simple “F.O.R.D” strategy for striking up great conversations. This stands for categories of conversations in Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams. Ask questions in each of these areas to encourage conversational flow and help you find a connection or mutual interest.

4. Make a Contact List

Have your neighbors fill out a guestbook so you can collect their information. Don’t just get their name and number – get their emails so you can invite them to your future gatherings. Also, getting their home address helps too. It’s always nice to know where in the community your new neighbor is at in case you want stop by!

5. Be Seen

Nobody likes a hermit! The only way to meet your new neighbors is by getting out of the house. Wave to your neighbors as you drive past each other, sit on the front porch if you have one, or just set out chairs in your driveway for a hangout. You can also go for walks regularly so that the neighbors get used to seeing your face and you see theirs.

Be social, be intentional, and be a good neighbor and you will be well on your way to meeting all the families in your community!

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